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Heres my work.

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have a look at these, they are better than mine lol.



This is the Story of Jinsoku Kenmei, a promising Swordsman with a loving family who was victim to a number of horrible events and now seeks revenge against the one that caused it. These events started during the Great War:

The Great War took place in a battleground no normal person could set foot in, a huge desert filled with an equal amount of Sand, Scrap Metal and Corpses. It was an age where Supersoldiers and Mercenaries outnumbered the normal troops by at least 50%. Most mercenaries were just doing it for the money and were willing to betray their original contractors and even have their bodies transformed as long as the pay was good but there was a few exceptions. These ‘exceptions’ entered battle wielding rare swords looking for challenging opponents to fight against and surprisingly they were the most powerful people in that war, the lack of bullets and cover meant that guns were rare and even then those skilled enough with the sword could cut you down the minute you try reloading. Jinsoku Kenmei was one of these people.

Wielding the Shirusu (a mixture of Shi for Death and Irusu for Virus) he cut his way through Super Soldiers and Mercenaries as if they were made of paper. It looked like the War was going to end sooner than expected when suddenly a Mysterious Swordsman appeared to challenge him. He wielded two swords known only as the Swords of Darkness and Light (although their real names were unknown just like the Swordsman’s was). All that was known was the Sword of Light was so reflective that it could be used to blind or at least stun opponents with ease. The Sword of Darkness didn’t seem that useful but there was something off about it, it barely reflected any light at all and seemed to soak up blood giving it a black color with a slight hint of red. He could instantly tell it was going to be a difficult fight.

However Jinsoku was not afraid of the challenge, his swords name essentially meant Death Virus for a reason. Just like a poisoned blade it had the ability to kill weak opponents but the Shirusu was better. Unlike poison though it never needed to be refilled and the virus only worked if you were cut by it since it modified so it couldn’t survive out of the sword or a body at all.

Without a single word the two started their battle to the death. However with almost a lifeless stare the Mysterious Swordsmen easily blocked all of Jinsoku’s attacks using only the sword of darkness. As the almost pointless battle carried on a slightly noticeable look of anger and dissapointment appeared on the Swordsmen face. The Swordsmen then moved his Sword of Light reflecting the suns rays into Jinsoku’s eyes and in that moment he could feel both arms being cleanly seperated from his body. Recovering from the temporary blindness he found himself laying on the ground staring towards the sky with no way of getting up. Looking around he saw the Swordsman and started screaming “Why didn’t you kill me?!” but the Swordsmen simply looked back with the same expressionless face he had before the fight before walking away. Feeling himself fading away due to blood loss he thought about his family one last time before losing consciously. But obviously his life hadn’t ended yet, there were worse things to come.

End of Prologue
Snake Arms - Prologue
This is the very start of the first story of a Series i'm doing in which every story is different from eachother.

I not only would love some feedback but i'd say i actually need it since this will be my first proper story.
Minecraft: Link from Legend of Zelda NES by SamuelEarl666
Minecraft: Link from Legend of Zelda NES
This is currently Version 2.

Changes from V1:
-Made the mouth less weird
-Made him less fat
-I also took the screenshot from a different angle.


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Somehow i sometimes actually get motivated enough to draw something for someone else and here's the (currently tiny) list:

  1. Pirate Raichu for NicoleDaney
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Yep, there seriously is only 2 there. One day i'll get good enough at drawing to make this list much longer but until then don't expect anything.


Ignore these, one day i'll probably get a few of my photo's but there will never be something you'd want to buy.

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